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You can schedule a free pick-up of
donations on United

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Or you could come down to a United Volunteers Thrift Store and make a donation in person.

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Of course you will receive a tax
deduction receipt either way you donate!

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You know Gram’ this
red dress doesn’t
really fit me anymore,
what should I do
with it?

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Well sweetie, you could
always donate it to United
Volunteers. They use donations
to help local charities and
create jobs for people like
your Mom & Dad.

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So if I give my red dress
to United Volunteers
where would it go?

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You know that’s a
good question, honey.

After you give a donation to United Volunteers your
donation could go to 1 of the following places:

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local charity off
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donation box overseas charity on

Choose a destination to learn more!

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Thrift Stores

Items that wouldn’t be suitable to give to local charities or over seas charities are sent to local thrift stores where the purchase of these goods helps to provide meaningful jobs and allows others to buy goods at discount prices.

In 2012 United Volunteers created 66 local jobs and also paid out $40,000 of utility bills, rent payments and direct aid.


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Local Charities

Items like children’s coats, women’s clothing and children’s clothing, baby clothes, etc… are given to local charities where these items are distributed to people and children in need.

In 2012 alone United Volunteers gave away over 13,000 items of clothing to the needy.

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Overseas Charities

Items such as shoes, clothing, electronics, computers, cell-phones, etc… are sent overseas to help charities that benefit survivors of natural disasters and impoverished areas.

In 2012 United Volunteers sent over 160,000 lbs of clothing and shoes to third world countries.

speech bubble 5

Wow Gram’ so if I
donate my red dress
to United Volunteers
it could go to another
little girl like me?

speech bubble 6

That’s right sweetie.
Another little girl just
like you who I'm sure
would really love a
new red dress.

Head on over to our Donate page to schedule your donation pick-up

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Your Donation Will Make a Difference in the Life of Someone who really Needs it!

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to call and speak with one of our representatives at 314-241-4242

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